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Celebrating Uniqueness: Understanding & Empowering Intersectional Neurodiversity Inclusion

Tuesday, 25th June 2024

12 - 1:30pm (BST)

About the Event

Neurodiversity Pride Day is on the 16th June 2024, and in celebration we're bringing you an exciting panel discussion with a focus on celebrating uniqueness!

Every person's experience with neurodiversity is unique, shaped by the various contexts and intersecting identities that make up who they are. The concept of intersectionality, introduced by Kimberlé Crenshaw, highlights how an individual can face compounded discrimination or privilege based on the interplay of their multiple social identities like race, gender, sexuality, class, and more.

When we view neurodiversity through this intersectional lens, we understand that being neurodivergent is just one facet of a person's multifaceted identity. Their lived experience as a neurodivergent individual is further nuanced by how their neurodivergence intersects with other aspects of their identity and background.

Join us for a panel discussion where we bring together a group of experts to discuss intersectional neurodiversity inclusion. The panel will share their expertise and lived experience of intersectionality to highlight that an intersectional approach reminds us that no two neurodivergent people's experiences are identical.

Some topics of discussion:

  • The intersections between neurodiversity, such as cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, mental health, socio-economic status
  • Diagnostic disparities
  • Stigma and stereotypes
  • Removing barriers and changing attitudes
  • Advantages to society in working towards an intersectionally inclusive future for all, regardless of label or diagnosis

Please note, we may use Slido in parts throughout our webinars to allow for audience participation. Our event host will provide clear instructions on how to participate, but there is absolutely no pressure to engage if you do not wish to. You will be able to access the Slido questions by using the camera on your phone to scan a QR code which the presenter will share with you, or by visiting and entering a code that the presenter will share with you.

Meet our event participants:

Pooja Sudera

Pooja Sudera | Event Host
Consulting Business Psychologist at Lexxic

Pooja Sudera is a Consulting Business Psychologist with a master’s degree in occupational psychology and is working towards a Chartered status in Occupational Psychology.

She is an experienced psychologist who has worked in the field of neurodiversity for both private and government organisations for over 8 years. At Lexxic, she is a senior member of the team, working with adults that have a neurodiverse condition and providing psychological services to these individuals to help them reach their true potential. Pooja is passionate about promoting employee well-being and has worked with organisations and management to raise awareness of neurodiversity to help promote diversity and improve organisational policy.

Priscilla Koinange (1)

Priscilla Koinange
Storyteller, Communications Consultant, DE&I champion

Priscilla Koinange is a Storyteller, Communications Consultant, and DE&I Advocate. With over eight years of experience and a Master's in Organisational Psychology, she leverages her expertise to enhance organisational communications through the art of storytelling and evidence-based research, helping organisations craft inspiring and captivating narratives. Her international experience includes working for the BBC, where she was part of the team that launched its first-ever Women's Discussions programme in Nairobi, Kenya. Priscilla’s passion for diversity, inclusion, and equity has most recently led to her research paper on the intersectionality of neurodiversity, race, and gender being shortlisted for the Bill Law award.

Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart
HR Consultant (EDI Specialist)

Charlie Hart AKA ‘Ausome Charlie’ (she/they) is a highly experienced, CIPD-qualified HR professional, and a popular and influential intersectional neurodiversity advocate. Charlie is Bi/Pan, Autistic and ADHD, and has C-PTSD. They identify as a ‘Queer AuDHDer'. Charlie’s presentations and speeches centre their own lived experience, inclusion insights and ideas, underpinned with expertise in employment legislation and HR best practice, delivered with authentically neurodivergent quirkiness and dry self-deprecating humour.

Warda Farah

Warda Farah
Lecturer and Speech & Language Therapist Consultant

Warda Farah is an neurodivergent Social Entrepreneur, Speech and Language Therapist, Writer and Lecturer at the University of Greenwich. Her work sits at the intersection of Race, Language and Disability.

AJ Singh (2)

AJ Singh
Founder, Wautistic Wayfinder

AJ’s identities include: South Asian, mixed heritage, Transmasc, pansexual, Autistic, ADHD, Disabled. They are a neuroscientist, an intersectional strategist, a writer, a student and teacher of yoga, and a decolonial practitioner. He developed the term neuro-embodiment to describe the journey of divesting from neuronormativity and honouring the way our mindbodies function. AJ founded Wautistic Wayfinder, where he works primarily with white Autistics to help them to unlearn ableism and racism so they can show up with compassion and accountability to dismantle white supremacy and connected, colonial systems of harm. They will soon be adding a neuro-embodied yoga practice to their offering.

Tumi Sotire

Tumi Sotire
Researcher in Health Economics, Founder of The Black Dyspraxic